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In Ajala, they have made it their mission to show what real chocolate, made only from select cocoa beans and cane juice, really tastes like. The kind of chocolate that is not an unhealthy confection, but a true food of the gods, full of flavour and health benefits. They create sustainable relationships between farmers, chocolate-loving people and a responsible approach to the well-being of our planet.

Chocolate making has become a forgotten art. During the First Republic, Czechoslovakia was the third largest cocoa bean processor in the world. In Ajala, they continue this tradition and strive to make the best chocolate in the world using both old methods and modern techniques.

Selected cocoa beans from proven destinations such as Central and South America are used. They make sure they are indigenous to the areas where the beans have always been grown. That way they know that the plants are well cared for. The proof is the excellent taste, which ordinary cocoa beans cannot compare with. All chocolates are made in the Czech Republic, specifically in Brno. 

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Krásná Každý Den s.r.o.
Ke Zvoli 783
25241 Dolní Břežany
Česká republika
Business Reg. No.: 05080720
VAT ID: CZ05080720
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