ANELA SAMPLE Balm for skin prone to scarring Zorro worshipper after expiry date 1/23

WARNING: the product is past its recommended expiration date... more
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ANELA SAMPLE Balm for skin prone to scarring Zorro worshipper after expiry date 1/23

WARNING: the product is past its recommended expiration date

Regenerating balm designed especially for scar massage. The balm promotes tissue regeneration, with regular use it lightens and thins even older hypertrophic and keloid scars. It softens the skin, increases its elasticity and softness, and has antiseptic properties. It is suitable for the care of scars after acne, smallpox, accidents or even after surgery.

Why will you love it?

Zorro honourer has an extra smooth texture that melts instantly during application, allowing you to perform the gentlest massage you need to promote fast and effective scar tissue regeneration. The base is wild harvested shea butter, which has a wonderfully smooth and creamy consistency. It is complemented by a powerful St. John's wort macerate, which is considered one of the most powerful natural remedies for scar treatment. Another important ingredient is castor oil, which helps the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin, then flaxseed and wheat oil, which support the skin for strong regeneration, and last but not least, olive squalane, which restores elasticity to the skin. An important moisturizer in the balm is an extract from the Chinese ciliated mushroom Rosolol, which can bind many times more water than hyaluronic acid.

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Apply the balm in a thin layer to clean, dry skin in the area you want to treat. Use it only on healed scars (never rub it into open wounds). Perform a gentle, preferably pressure, massage 1 - 2 times a day.
5 ml
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Soap dispenser without dispenser
Local manufacturer (CZ and SK)
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Cruelty free
Tips for use
The balm contains St. John's wort and bergamot. These two substances are phototoxic, which means they increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun and can cause unwanted browning. We therefore recommend that you do not expose the balm-treated skin to the sun or tanning bed radiation. Exposed parts of the skin (e.g. face), so it is best to treat only in the evening, ideally before bedtime.
For external use only. However, do not use natural cosmetics on open wounds either. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. In case of eye contact, flush with lukewarm water from the inner corner to the outer corner for at least 15 minutes. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before rinsing. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. Before the first use, it is recommended to perform the so-called. patch test, i.e. apply and test the cosmetic product for tolerance on a small area of skin, preferably on the wrist, and wait 24 hours. This method can prevent the onset of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the product. If an allergic reaction occurs after application, wash the skin surface with lukewarm water. Stop using the product immediately. If the allergic reaction persists for a prolonged period of time, seek medical attention.
Natural cosmetics are best stored in a cooler, dry place. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or frost. Sunlight can devalue it or reduce its expiry date. At the same time, when using cosmetics, follow the hygiene recommendations, for example, use a cosmetic spatula to scoop the products in the cup, always close the products after use and keep the edges of the bottles clean. Keep out of reach of children.
Olea Europaea Fruit Oil BIO, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter BIO, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil, Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Cera Alba, Squalane, Hypericum Perforatum Flower Extract, Aqua, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract BIO, Rosa Canina Seed Extract BIO, Propanediol, Tocopherol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pelargonium Graveolens Oil BIO, Helichrysum Italicum Flower Oil BIO, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Fruit Oil, Tremella Fuciformis Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Gluconolactone, Cannabidiol, Sodium Benzonate, Calcium Gluconate, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract BIO, Limonene*, Linalool*, Citral*, Geraniol*, Citronellol** Přirozeně se vyskytující v silicích
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ANELA SAMPLE Balm for skin prone to scarring Zorro worshipper after expiry date 1/23

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