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Catarina Barbosa Skincare hails from the beautiful coastal town of Vila Nova De Milfontes on the Vicentine coast of Odemira-Portugal. The Vila Nova de Milfontes, named for its unique tradition, has been in existence for over a century. Vila Nova de Milfontes is popular not only for its coastal beauty, but also for its mild weather with an abundance of sunshine all year round. The cleanest river in Europe with an estuary to the sea is pure bliss, and on top of that a perfect gastronomic culture with an abundance of fresh seafood.

At "Catarina Barbosa Skincare" they use the highest quality organic products that are formulated to improve the condition of your skin. They decide on the ingredients for all of their cosmetic lines by spending hours researching the elements that make the perfect blend for their premium products.

In a state-of-the-art laboratory in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal, they combine purely natural ingredients with advanced science to harness the true power of nature.

Their mission is to create an authentic and transparent natural skincare line that delivers visible results while using sustainable ingredients.

Believes in the simplicity of nature and the benefits that each plant can bring to our products. The formulas work exactly where they are needed to fully revive and hydrate the skin. Everyone deserves great skin, and all ingredients are selected based solely on their individual properties and resulting effectiveness for improving your skin.
Their passion is to provide the highest level of purely plant-based beauty products.




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