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Your Gusaha with love for body, soul and local products. Czech, handmade guashi from beautiful minerals. Indulge in a 10-minute massage ritual that will boost your immune system, cleanse your blood and improve your body's overall constitution. Guasha, the face plate is designed for home use and is made in the Czech Republic. The shape of the plates is adapted so that they adhere perfectly to all parts of the face so that they can be properly treated. Cosmetic guasha massage brings more blood and energy to the face and subcutaneous layers. Thanks to this technique, we can reduce wrinkles, pigment spots, bags, or circles under the eyes, or cracked veins and you can avoid more demanding invasive skin rejuvenation techniques. The Guasha plate can be used not only on the face, but also on the body.

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Krásná Každý Den s.r.o.
Ke Zvoli 783
25241 Dolní Břežany
Česká republika
Business Reg. No.: 05080720
VAT ID: CZ05080720
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