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Anela - it is first of all love and respect. Love and respect for ourselves, for each other and of course for nature and our planet. Behind this beautiful brand are two women, Andy and Ela. And not only them, but also many other people around them who support them in their work. In the products you will find only the highest quality ingredients - oils, butters, extracts, plant extracts, fruit enzymes. And because the products are made with their hands, Andy and Ella put a part of themselves into them. All products are certified not only for safety but also for use on sensitive skin. Neither the products nor the raw materials used have been tested on animals and, apart from bee products and lanolin, only raw materials of plant origin are used.


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Krásná Každý Den s.r.o.
Ke Zvoli 783
25241 Dolní Břežany
Česká republika
Business Reg. No.: 05080720
VAT ID: CZ05080720
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