Le Piantagioni del Caffe'

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Although the true history of the Livorno-based Italian roastery Le Piantagioni del Caffè dates back to the late 19th century. century, the company was founded only in 1994. It was then that the roastery began roasting selective and single-origin coffees and set out to get to know not only the individual farms, but also the farmers themselves who were responsible for the final product. This was also the approach of Enrico Meschini, a major figure in the Italian coffee business and chairman and one of the founders of the CSC (Certified Specialty Coffee) Association, who became an integral part of Le Piantagioni del Caffè as one of its owners in 2000. The journeys to coffee plantations and farmers were literally pioneering and unprecedented in Europe at that time. However, the mutual communication gradually led to improvements in the sub-processes, from harvesting and processing to roasting, and the quality of the coffee increased. Le Piantagioni del Caffè holds this idea to this day and thanks to this, it can put its hand in the fire for all the coffees that leave it. He knows not only the individual locations, their advantages and pitfalls, but above all all the farmers and other people who are an integral part of the local coffee production. The coffees roasted in Livorno come from Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia or even Peru. They are all different and yet they have one thing in common. They are conscientiously selected, harvested and processed with understanding, and expertly prepared.

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