ALMARA SOAP Handmade soap My Happy Cow 100 g

Design handmade soap for children with the scent of applesWelcome to the country farm!You already know the collection of soap animals from the wild, and to tiger, koala, the beara parrotnow we have new friends from the farm. Because even rural dwellers can be great fun as exotic sidekicks!Mt h e almond cow is pretty sp... more
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ALMARA SOAP Handmade soap My Happy Cow 100 g

Design handmade soap for children with the scent of apples

Welcome to the country farm!

You already know the collection of soap animals from the wild, and to tiger, koala, the beara parrotnow we have new friends from the farm. Because even rural dwellers can be great fun as exotic sidekicks!

Mt h e almond cow is pretty spoiled!

Its gentle foam washes away all the adventures of the day from the inquisitive hands of children. The scent of juicy apples fits the design of the horned tartan perfectly and will entice young and old alike to take a bath.

Thanks to the high proportion of carefully blended vegetable oils, the soap does not dry out and guarantees a very gentle, soft wash, leaving the skin soft and nourished. The beautiful colour of the soap is due to mineral dyes.

It is suitable for daily use on normal skin from 3 years of age.


water, sunflower oil, coconut oil, palm oil (RSPO), olive oil, zinc oxide, perfume, mineral colour mica

Sunflower oil

is extracted from the seeds of the annual sunflower plant and contains oleic and linoleic acid, protein, triglycerides, sterols, vitamins A, D, E and lecithin. Its composition is very similar to the lipids in our skin tissue. It is quickly absorbed and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

Effects and use

Sunflower oil has soothing, softening, smoothing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It protects the skin against loss of firmness and elasticity. It is suitable for all skin types including mature and inflamed skin. At Almara Soap we use two types of sunflower oil. One has a high proportion of oleic acid, hence it is in all our fancy soaps, to which it adds a soft bubble and guarantees a velvety lather, and in body cosmetics. The second type has a high proportion of linoleic acid, so it is more suitable for oily skin. That's why we add it to soaps designed for oily skin.

Coconut oil

Obtained from the fruit (nuts) of the coconut palm, it has a clear and very light consistency that turns white and solid at temperatures around 20°C. It is easily absorbed and does not leave a noticeable greasy feeling. It is rich in proteins, fats, fatty acids and antioxidants.

Effects and use

Coconut oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, strengthening and firming effects. Great for body and hair care. It is suitable for skin with fresh wounds and scars, which it tightens and helps to heal. On the contrary, it is not suitable for very oily skin, where it can cause clogging of pores.

For coconut oil, it is necessary to distinguish the quality (form), which has a major influence on its functionality. While coconut oil is suitable for food preparation or soap making, where it provides bubbling, hardness and above all washing properties, virgin coconut oil is suitable for direct skin and hair care.

Olive oil

It is obtained by pressing the fruit of the olive tree, which is rich in vitamins A, E and K, omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acid. The oil pressed from them has a light consistency, is quickly absorbed and strongly lubricates. It is one of the most used oils in cosmetics.

Effects and use

Olive oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Increases skin elasticity and strengthens tissue, soothes and heals eczematous skin and acne. We like to use olive oil in soaps, balms and lotions. In its saponified form, it is then part of the base of our soaps, where it guarantees a soft and gentle lather.

Suitable for dry, sensitive, baby, flaky, mature, irritated and problematic skin. It is not very suitable for very oily skin, where it can cause clogging of pores.

To use: lather the soap in wet hands and apply the foam to the skin. Suitable for hands and whole body.

Why will you love it? ❤️

The cow smells great, is easy to soap up and will delight any child.



Aqua, Sodium Sunflowerate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmate (RSPO), Sodium Olivate, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde, Mica, CI 77891, CI77491, CI 77861, CI 77499, CI 77492, Benzyl Benzoate.


Keep the soap dry between uses. This will increase its service life.


For external use only. However, do not use natural cosmetics on open wounds either. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. In case of eye contact, flush with lukewarm water from the inner corner to the outer corner for at least 15 minutes. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before rinsing. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. Before the first use, it is recommended to perform the so-called. patch test, i.e. apply and test the cosmetic product for its tolerance on a small area of skin, preferably on the wrist, and wait 24 hours. This method can prevent the onset of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the product. If an allergic reaction occurs after application, wash the skin surface with lukewarm water. Stop using the product immediately. If the allergic reaction persists for a prolonged period of time, seek medical attention. The soap is suitable for everyday use on normal skin from 3 years of age.

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Almara Soap Handmade soap My Happy Cow 100 g

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