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Natural skin care for sunbathing. This is Suntribe

Are you going on holiday to the sea or to the high mountains? We won't go into what to pack for your holiday here, but we believe that everyone should pack sunscreen in their suitcase. Are you interested in sustainability, conservation and natural cosmetics that don't harm humans or animals? We've got a great tip for you on a free-spirited Swedish sunscreen brand that you'll instantly love!

Suntribe - Swedish sun on the road

100% natural sunscreens made by the Swedish brand Suntribe. It was founded about 3 years ago by three surfers and friends - Karl, Hampus and Julie. They are all keen sportsmen and lovers of nature, where they spend most of their time. And because they want to protect nature, they decided to make natural sunscreens that are 100% free of artificial chemicals and unnecessary additives. So you won't find any preservatives, synthetic chemicals or perfumes in Suntribe creams. You will protect yourself and the planet. Did you know that up to 63% of the ingredients in conventional sunscreens are harmful to humans and the environment? And there are many more facts that speak against conventional sunscreens.

As the founders themselves say, three key ingredients are important for their success in the natural cosmetics market: big waves that get things going, a little sunshine that brings out the good ideas in everyone, and a shared passion that brings everything together.

Suntribe's motto could be summed up in a simple sentence: "We contribute to change." Because using all-natural products should not be a path for a select few, but a path accessible to all. The products are proof that you can have both high functionality and safety and that compromises are not necessary. You'll never find something in beauty products that negates these ideals (such as synthetic chemicals) just because it's a cheaper way of manufacturing.

Is there really a natural sunscreen?

Conventional sunscreens contain many chemical additives that are not even suitable for our skin, let alone for the flora and fauna that live in the seas and oceans. The solution is natural sunscreens that are 100% safe for you and for nature, certified and free of synthetic chemicals. Suntribe creams and other products contain only natural ingredients that are also highly functional, such as natural oils and waxes, butters and natural minerals.

All organic ingredients in the products are certified by COSMOS Organics or EcoCert. In addition, Suntribe has a Swedish certificate, The New Generation Cert, which guarantees that Suntribe is a company that strives for a bright and sustainable future in all aspects of its business. The creams are microplastic-free, nanoparticle-free and have the Reef Safe label, which means that the products do not harm aquatic plants or animals and do not cause bleaching of reefs.

All Suntribe products labeled SPF and/or UVA meet official sun protection factor and official UVA testing standards. At the same time, all Suntribe products labeled as waterproof have passed the official water immersion test. Suntribe is especially popular with surfers around the world. So you can be sure that the products are tested in the most demanding conditions, on different skin types and in the biggest waves.

How does sun protection work with?

One of the most important ingredients in Suntribe sunscreen products is zinc oxide, which is one of the safest and most effective UV filters. It's a mineral UV filter, so it protects your skin immediately after application, plus it's safe for coral reefs and marine life. So you don't have to wait for the protection to kick in like you would with conventional sunscreens.

There's something for everyone - whether you're a water or winter sports enthusiast who doesn't fear the extreme or a beach lounger. We also have solutions for children who can enjoy hours and hours of beach time. You'll also find creams in special packaging that takes up no space, so you'll always have them on hand. And there's no shortage of after-sun skin and body care either!

We know that Suntribe products are great. You can also see how great they are in the article on the Pink cockroach blog :-)


Did you know that up to 63% of the ingredients in conventional sunscreens are harmful to humans and the environment? And that seven countries and regions around the world have already agreed to ban the use of chemical UV filters? You will find Hawaii, Mexico and Thailand among them.

What about it? So how can we help and protect nature? The solution to these problems starts with each of us. With the right knowledge and determination, we don't have to use conventional sunscreens. There are responsible alternatives to all the cosmetic products you can find on the market. They work just as well and without the consequences. We just need to change our habits. We don't have to stop using cosmetics, let's just choose products that have the same results but without the negative consequences.

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