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The best sunscreen combo for summer

Summer is approaching in leaps and bounds and most of us already have our holidays planned. Whether you're heading to the seaside, the mountains, cycling or enjoying sunny days out at a riverside campsite, it's essential to pack adequate sun protection.

Swedish brand Suntribe has natural sunscreens in its portfolio for every occasion. In natural cosmetics, it is definitely not true that you need 10 different products for every activity. On the contrary. The more multifunctional a product is, the better. Less cost to produce, less waste, therefore less burden on nature and more effectiveness. That's why we love multi-purpose so much in natural cosmetics!

Abbreviations UVA, UVB, UVC and SPF

First, let's find out what the abbreviations mean so we can understand the science behind sunscreens 😊

UVA, UVB and UVC rays are all part of the sun's ultraviolet light that travels to the earth. UVC rays have the shortest impact and are absorbed by the ozone layer that protects the Earth. So they don't affect us at all. UVA and UVB rays, on the other hand, pass through the ozone layer and are already hitting the surface of the Earth. The UVB rays can be partially blocked by the atmosphere, but the rest reaches our skin, giving us a beautiful tan in summer. But beware, if you burn often, you run the risk of skin cancer. The most dangerous are therefore for the upper part of the skin.

UVA rays pass through the atmosphere uninterrupted. They can't burn you, but they are dangerous because they can penetrate the lower layers of the skin, disrupting the DNA of the skin, which is less elastic, ages faster and can make you look up to 10 years older over time. There are also studies that show that too much sun exposure can affect your immune system. A little sun is definitely not harmful, after all, vitamin D is very important for our health, but as is almost always the case - everything in moderation.

That's why we recommend using natural sunscreens not only when you're planning a longer stay in the sun, but (especially in summer and winter) every day.

SPF is the sun protection factor. It must be listed on every sunscreen. It determines the amount of protection from UVB rays. You probably know that the SPF of a sunscreen protects you for about two hours, after which you need to reapply it to your skin. The SPF will protect you from UVB rays, but not from UVA rays.

SPF 50 gives about 98% protection, SPF 30 about 97%. As you can see, the difference in protection is so slight that you don't always need to reach for a higher SPF cream when using sunscreen correctly.

To be sure that your sunscreen also provides protection from UVA rays, the label must state UVA or broad spectrum.

Children's skin is the most vulnerable

In general, children under 6 months should not be exposed to sunlight at all. After that, the recommended minimum protection for children's skin is at least SPF 15. Of course, the general rules for sunbathing mentioned in the last article apply.

What's so great about sunscreen for kids and babies? Not only is it a natural sunscreen (you can find the difference between regular and sunblock here) that is not diluted with water (so you only need a small amount), but it is also preservative-free, waterproof, spreads easily (which parents of young children will really appreciate) and smells beautifully of vanilla.

Bebe has a lovely review of the three most important Suntribe sunscreens on her blog, The Pink Roach. She wrote about Suntribe baby & kids sunscreen: "But what is the biggest draw with this variant is definitely the lovely scent. It's supposed to be vanilla, but I can smell the soy suk in it. You know what - that little yummy thing that you'll never eat more than one piece of because it's soooo rich :-) Lest I forget - the kids' version is great to layer, and does so without leaving behind a weighed down or greasy skin. I definitely wouldn't just leave the "baby & kids" cream for the kids, but I'd happily get it for myself too. It's really great!"

For all those who are constantly on the move

If you spend most of your free time by the water in summer or in the snow in winter, you need protection that won't let you down. One that can withstand extreme conditions.

Did we mention that the founders of cosmetic brand Suntribe are avid surfers? And where else to look for the best quality products than with these lovers of nature, water and water sports?

Suntribe Active SPF 50 will stand up to the toughest conditions. It's quite stiff and a very small amount is really all you need. It is even suitable for children! Its high protection factor and extreme durability are also suitable for extreme sporting challenges. Of course, its long water resistance is a matter of course.

Wondering how such a waterproof test is performed? Sunscreen is applied to the shoulder of the test subject. The arm is then placed in a swimming pool for 40-80 minutes. In order for a sunscreen to boast that it is waterproof, it must have at least half the SPF value listed on the label after the time spent in the water.

Bebe has also tried it and says: "But as I said - the sea water doesn't move the cream and I didn't get burnt even during the whole afternoon I was paddling around the coast. For me, definitely a handy cream for anyone who wants to lather up, go frolicking in the water and get some lubrication off their mind. The cream does justice to its name and I'd recommend it for water sports or for a day's frolic at the pool or seaside."

Universal cream for all occasions

The last of the fantastic trio of sunscreens is the Universal Sunscreen SPF 30. Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques, the mineral sunscreen is lighter, easier to spread, smoother and less whitening than before. The cream is lightly coloured and blends in with your skin tone. Of course, you can use it, and so can your children. This eliminates the need to carry several types of sunscreen with you on your travels.

"The rubbing is perfect, the absorption even better, there is nothing at all to deal with. The cream is the thinnest of the three tested and spreads the best, I would say. What I would just like to point out is, before you open the tube, give it a good shake. Sometimes when it's very warm and you have the cream out, it can separate a drop or two of oil and if you're not expecting it, you can poop on your clothes. Shake a couple of times and you'll be fine." Bebe writes.

Sunscreens just matter! Suntribe products are great in that they contain a mineral natural UV filter made from Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, are safe for you and nature, 100% natural, vegan, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive baby skin. They do not contain microplastics, do not harm the environment, do not bleach corals and do not harm marine animals.

Nice summary written by Bebe as well: "I am thrilled with the Suntribe brand and their sunscreens. All natural creams for all occasions that work great, you don't have to put a bucket of them on, they are safe and great to use. What more could you ask for."


Your girls ❤️



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