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HERBATINT - Questions and Answers

A couple of weeks ago, a brand called Herbatint appeared in the shop that offers more natural hair dyes. We are very pleased that it has appealed to you and that you are becoming more and more interested in it. Since Herbatint colours are a bit different from the commonly available hair colours, we decided to prepare an article with the most common questions and answers.

How much peroxide does the colours contain?

The manufacturer states that there is less than 3% peroxide in the mixed dye gel. Customers use Herbatint on chemically coloured hair without any problems. It lightens the hair by a maximum of 2 shades. There is no restriction on darkening. For chemically damaged hair it is recommended to choose a lighter shade, the pigment is more "catching" in the damaged hair. So if you are deciding between two shades, choose the lighter one. Darkening is always easier than the other way around. If you're not sure about the shade, you can test it on a strand of hair.

How much do Herbatint colours cost?

The price of the colours is 337 CZK or 13.33 EUR.

Can it be used on sensitive skin?

The colours are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. However, you still need to do a sensitivity test before first use to see how your skin will react to the colour.

Are the colours tested on animals?

In our shop you will find only natural cosmetics that are not tested on animals.

What does the letter after the colour number mean?

The letter after the number indicates the shade ranges:

N - natural shades

D - golden shades

C - ashy shades

R - rusty shades

M - mahogany shades

DR - golden-rust shades

FF - fashionable colour shades

All Herbatint shades can be mixed with each other, but the same volume of paint and developing emulsion must always be used.

How do the colours dye?

The colours have high coverage, cover grey very well and can lighten up to two shades. They can also restore the hair to its original shade. But please bear in mind that the final colour after colouring may not always be the same as the colour on the box. This is because it depends on your original hair color, the genetically determined pigment in your hair structure that may not show up in your natural hair color, but some Herbatint colors may "pull it out", your current color (i.e. what color was applied before Herbatint), as well as whether you have hair regrowth, gray hair or highlights.

Do the colours cover the grey hair?

Herbatint colours cover grey hair from the first application. However, if you have more than 30% grey hair and you are choosing one of the colours from the C, D, R, DR, M or FF shade range, you should also choose the same shade from the natural range and mix the colours in the right proportion for a perfect colour result. You can read more about this in the article Herbatint - tips for perfect grey coverage.

Do the colours contain henna?

Herbatint colours do not contain henna. Some customers may find that the colour washes out easily, but they tend to notice this on grey hair. If Herbatint is applied to "fresh henna", the color may wash out more because the hair is coated with henna and the pigment does not reach the hair and stays on the surface. Therefore, it is recommended to wait at least 3 - 5 weeks after applying henna, or as the manufacturer states - wait until the hair has grown back.

How big is the package?

The hair dye lasts for two uses.

What makes Herbatint colours special?

The colours are free of ammonia, resorcinol, alcohol, parabens, perfumes and have a low concentration of peroxide. The colours are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and are odourless on application. They are also suitable for vegans.

Interested in something else? Leave us a comment below and we will prepare another article for you.



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