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Island Girl Summer Oil by JouJou Botanicals

Imagine a hot summer. The sun is scorching, crickets or cicadas can be heard everywhere, the smell of the salty sea, the pine needles of the coastal pines and wild flowers that have not yet been completely dried by the strong sun. You walk in a beautiful white dress along a dusty path between olive trees and from above you watch the deep sea, which turns from a light turquoise to a deep blue the further it moves away from land. Now and then you hear the chirp of a seagull and see the white caps of foam that appear with each wave.

Summer is a wonderful season that we really love. But it's also very hard on our skin and complexion. The combination of being in the sun with sea or chlorinated water is often debilitating for the skin. And that's why it needs to be looked after properly. Where else to look for the best ingredients than in nature?

Summer in a luxury package

Do you want to treat your skin to luxurious natural organic care not only in summer? Do you want to return to the hot, dry summer in autumn? Island Girl summer multi-purpose oil can do all this and much more. You can use it really anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for hair, skin and body care. It is suitable for all skin types, but it is most helpful for dry and less moisturised skin. It can bring back the missing brightness and radiance.

But the first thing that catches your eye is undoubtedly the perfume-like bottle. The golden oil in a simple square bottle really stands out and will definitely stand out on your bathroom shelf. JouJou Botanicals simply prides itself on making sure that your beauty care is not just a daily super quick routine, but that you make your daily routine a little beauty ritual. Because beauty doesn't just come from the outside, it comes from the inside.

"Specifically, Island Girl oil resembles a heavy glass bottle of some hellishly expensive fragrance from a perfumery . And yet it is so minimalistic! Paperweight-thick glass with subtle white writing and a white ball screw cap as the proverbial icing on the cake. That's all. But it is a fact that the little oil itself, which has a beautiful golden amber color, makes a lot of noise . It's just a combination that you won't get tired of, looks super luxurious and you'll love it." writes Bebe in her review on the Pink Roach blog.

Once opened, you will be delighted by the sweet, floral scent of the Tiaré plant, which grows nowhere else in the world but French Polynesia. You will be transported to the exotic Pacific. But we don't stop there. The composition of the oil is just as amazing. The oil contains a blend of highly effective Monio, Kukui, coconut oil, sea buckthorn, carrot, raspberry and vitamin E extracts.

The foundation of all JouJou Botanicals skin care products is a combination of wild plants from nature and green biotechnology. In the JouJou Botanicals manufacturing lab, you will find only botanicals that are backed by clinical studies, ensuring efficacy and safety you can trust. Wild-crafted plants that have been sun-kissed and then hand-picked on the Mediterranean coast are selected, then combined in significant concentrations to deliver the best results for your skin care.

Monoi and Kukui oils

Monoi oil can be found in French Polynesia and Kukui oil in Hawaii. Both oils are deeply moisturizing and nourishing, protecting the skin and complexion against free radicals and premature aging. The Monoi oil used in Island Girl Summer Oil is of original high quality origin. Tiare flower (Tahitian gardenia) is macerated in coconut oil for a minimum of 10 days to slowly infuse the oil with all the nutrients and its intoxicating fragrance. The oil soothes irritated skin, so it is also suitable to use as an after-sun care.

Kukui oil with its omega-3 fatty acids takes care of problematic skin and is anti-inflammatory. It is quickly absorbed.

Both oils are complemented by sea buckthorn oil, which revitalises the skin with the help of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Raspberry and carrot extracts prevent sun damage and are enhanced by the powerful antioxidant properties of vitamin E.

Because Island Girl contains coconut oil, temperatures below 24°C often cause the oil to solidify and change consistency. Don't worry, this is a normal reaction to temperature and the change in consistency does not change the quality of the product. Just leave the jar of oil under warm running water and soon the texture will be fully liquid again.

How to use it?

Simply use Island girl oil whenever you crave summer glowing skin. It's important to remember that the oil does not contain SPF, so make sure to protect your skin properly when using it in the sun.

For better absorption, use on damp skin. You can use it on the body, skin and hair. For nourished hair, massage it gently into the ends.

Island girl can also be used as a perfume oil in place of your favourite fragrance. The oil absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy residue and does not stain clothes.

You can find lots of more detailed information about the oils and other tips for use in the aforementioned review by Bebe on the Pink Roach blog, who writes about Island Girl oil, among other things: „You wouldn't believe how crazy one bottle can make him. And look at this…! If you are looking for something really pampering for this spring/summer and summer days and nights, I really recommend this bottle. It's something incredible.“


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