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Summer aromatherapy

Summer is here, the most beautiful time of the year. Time for outdoor fun, time for summer holidays, drinks on the terrace, frolicking in the water. You can also make this magical time more enjoyable with essential oils, which have great power even at this time of year.

Cool down and flow to life

Hot weather is beautiful if we can spend it somewhere in nature or by the water. But at work or in the apartment, the heat can be unbearable, so any cooling down is more than welcome. In this weather, you will appreciate the effects of mint. Its refreshing scent is aromatherapeutic and gives a pleasant cooling sensation. The heat also brings with it a certain fatigue, when we cannot concentrate on our work and want to relax rather than perform excellently. Body and spirit are invigorated by rosemary essential oil. Its beautiful and fresh scent improves concentration. It restores the appetite for work and makes it easier to cope with the heat. Basil essential oil also works very well and makes you give your best. Thanks to these oils, hot weather becomes more bearable and we are more likely to cope with our duties, after which the longed-for relaxation awaits us.

Letní aromaterapie

But rest is also necessary

You know that feeling when you roll around at night in your sweaty pyjamas, the air could be cut up and sleep is nowhere in sight? It's those uncomfortable sticky nights when you long to rest and recharge. Lavender or lemon balm essential oil can induce a pleasant and more restful sleep. You can add a few drops to your bath or aromatherapy, give yourself a foot massage (a little vegetable oil and essential oil) or scent your pillow.

Get rid of insects quickly and easily

Insects are intrinsically linked to summer and every year they get more and more annoying :-) The right essential oils can help us with this too. Citronella has a beautiful citrus scent. While it helps to calm and refresh our minds so that we can work better, it has a repellent effect on insects. Lavender has a very similar effect on insects. They are therefore good to have at home and can easily be used in home repellents and are also great companions on holiday. These oils will protect against insects not only outdoors but also in the home. In addition to these, essential oils such as geranium, peppermint and tea tree oil are natural insect repellents. I consider tea-tree oil to be a must-have, which should not be missing in your home medicine cabinet.

Letní aromaterapie

What to watch out for

Many essential oils are literally associated with summer. We love their scent and effects because they bring longed-for relief, joy, better mood. Still, there are a few oils to avoid. These are phototoxic oils like orange, lemon, bergamot and lemongrass. Generally speaking, these are citrus scents. They are excellent on their own, but they are photosensitive. If you apply these oils to your skin, they can cause allergic reactions when they come into contact with the sun, disrupt pigmentation and cause increased sensitivity to the sun, which can lead to sunburn. Therefore, these oils are better suited for winter when the sun is not shining so brightly.

And finally, the best summer essential oils

Lavender is a versatile oil suitable for treating abrasions and burns. Mint not only brings cooling, but is also a suitable after-sun care. Eucalyptus has a similar effect. Chamomile relieves after sunburn and is also added to sunscreens. Rose makes the skin more permeable, allowing it to absorb nutrients from other oils in the treatment mix more effectively. Last but not least is the aforementioned tea tree oil.

Letní aromaterapie


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