SOAPHORIA English Humour Laundry Perfume 150 ml

Extravagant new generation eco laundry perfume will add character not only to your laundry but also to your personality!An eco-friendly laundry perfume created from purely natural fragrances provides a long-lasting scent and a wonderful fresh feeling for your laundry. - the most fragrant natural laundry perfume - a un... more
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SOAPHORIA English Humour Laundry Perfume 150 ml

Extravagant new generation eco laundry perfume will add character not only to your laundry but also to your personality!An eco-friendly laundry perfume created from purely natural fragrances provides a long-lasting scent and a wonderful fresh feeling for your laundry.

- the most fragrant natural laundry perfume
- a unique composition consisting exclusively of natural oils
- the lingering scent of freshly washed laundry even long after washing
- scents laundry, all kinds of textiles and your home
- an ideal replacement for fabric softener with a distinctive but unobtrusive scent
- concentrated oil perfume for laundry does not leave stains on textiles
- a wonderful scent can withstand the clothes dryer ;)
- laundry fragrance friendly to the skin, laundry, washing machine and nature
- natural composition ideal even for sensitive skin
- free of synthetic ingredients, petroleum derivatives, heavy metals

Designed for washing in the washing machine and hand washing.
Concentrated vegan formula not tested on animals.
Free of preservatives, animal additives, petroleum derivatives, synthetic dyes, phosphates, chlorine, bleaches, artificial fragrances and palm oil.

WARNING:due to high demand, the product may be supplied in alternative packaging.

It pays to think about the environment even in everyday activities such as laundry. An eco-friendly laundry perfume created from the most luxurious natural oils will give your laundry an irresistible scent that will scent your home.
Natural laundry perfume does not leave stains or spots on clothes and does not contain added fabric softener, making it suitable for absolutely all types of materials, whether clothes or textiles. The beautiful, distinctive, yet natural and unobtrusive scent of the perfume on your clothes can withstand the tumble dryer, ensuring a perfectly fresh feeling whenever you decide to wear your favourite shirt or shirt ;)
Thanks to its gentle composition, the vegan product is not only skin-friendly, but also environmentally friendly. It does not settle in the washing machine and is easily biodegradable, so it does not harm aquatic or soil organisms. It is not tested on animals and is well tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive skin. It does not contain irritating synthetic detergents, petroleum derivatives, palm oil, chemical preservatives, dyes, bleaches or artificial fragrances.

Organic natural laundry perfume created from natural oils provides a long-lasting fragrance while containing no synthetic ingredients. It is thus suitable for both domestic septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants.
Concentrated natural fragrance for washing is dispensed in very small quantities, the product packaging therefore lasts a really long time :)
If you want beautifully fragrant laundry and at the same time prefer softness and pliability of materials after washing with fabric softener, reach for eco laundry essences from our offer, which combine the scent of perfume and the effects of fabric softener.
In case you do not like strong fragrances, prefer rather soft and natural scents, but you really care about the softness of your clothes, Cleano organic laundry detergents will be the ideal choice for you ;)

Natural laundry perfume forms an inseparable pair with organic detergent made from natural ingredients. For environmental reasons, but also to achieve optimal results, it is not recommended to combine eco detergents and fabric softeners or perfumes with commercial alternatives.
For those looking for more ways to eliminate their carbon footprint and help save our planet, we highly recommend looking around the other categories of eco-friendly cleaning and other useful household products from Cleano.

Why will you love it?❤️

Its scent lasts even after tumble drying and does not leave stains or spots on clothes

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Local manufacturer (CZ and SK)
Origin of the brand
150 ml
According to certification
According to certification
According to certification
Without palm oil
Add the eco laundry perfume to the detergent compartment of the washing cycle in the following ratio: 1 cap = approx. 5 ml per 4-5 kg of laundry. Never add to the laundry itself and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Don't dilute the concentrate.
Biomass derived from fractionated grapeseed oil and soybean oil (RSPO certified), Blend of essential oils and natural extracts
Store in a cool, dry place.
Follow the recommended dosage listed on the product label. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Wash the affected area with plenty of lukewarm water if possible. If skin irritation or rash develops: seek medical attention. IF INGESTED: Call the TOXIC INFORMATION CENTER immediately. Do not induce vomiting. IF YOUR EYES ARE COLD: Gently flush them with water for a few minutes. If you use contact lenses and it is possible, remove them. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: seek medical attention.
Suitable for vegans
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