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Your new beauty ritual is called JouJou Botanicals

What comes to your mind when you say joujou? For the vast majority of us, the sweet gelatinous confection we used to buy as children on pilgrimages. You probably won't find the same treat abroad, the most similar to joujou is marshmallow (by the way, joujou is synonymous with marshmallow). Marshmallow, on the other hand, is the English name for marshmallow (also known as hibiscus), a perennial herb probably originating in the Mediterranean. In ancient times, it was from fenugreek that the candies, the ancestors of today's marshmallows, were made. Whe Mediterranean is teeming with wild herbs, and it is a pity that despite their healing properties, these plants are not much used. A young Croatian brand has decided to change that. And so, slowly but surely, we are getting to a true Mediterranean pearl among natural cosmetics.

Play the fanfare, roll out the red carpet and welcome the new JouJou Botanicals to our portfolio! This is something special!


JouJou is nature and biotechnology

Joujou [žu žu] Botanicals cosmetics combine organic, wildcrafted and sustainable ingredients along with the best active extracts of green biotechnology to provide highly effective care in every product. This makes JouJou products not only sustainable but also highly effective. They select the best of the wild, often local Mediterranean plants that are wild grown. Often forgotten, these wild plants can be a great source of skincare ingredients.

JouJou Botanicals was founded by Nikolina Firm, which in its early days focused on the production of organic soaps. Then came the body oils and other products. And why did it all come about? Nikolina was looking for suitable cosmetics for her skin, but since no cosmetics suited her skin, she decided to make her own. One that would allow her to enjoy her daily beauty ritual to the fullest.

Nicole's wish (and one could say, the mission of JouJou Botanicals) is to replace the mundane, hectic skincare routine with special raw and organic rituals that develop your self-love that comes from deep within your soul.

Try slowing down a little and giving your skin a break, making a routine, a beautifying ritual. At JouJou, they believe that skincare comes from within our souls, that beauty is not just a surface glitter, but a journey based on love, care and pleasure. Beauty goes far beyond the physical, instead it combines inner peace and a spiritual journey with the care of the outer shell - our skin and complexion.


We choose not only with our eyes

Because the combination of beauty and sustainability is central to JouJou Botanicals, the packaging of their products is not only luxurious and beautiful, but also recycled and recyclable. When we opened our first package of beauty products, we were absolutely blown away by their packaging. They definitely won't be a disgrace on your bathroom shelf, quite the opposite. Just looking at them will make you slow down and enjoy your morning or evening beauty ritual.

Just as important is the scent. The subtle scents of the products will instantly transport you to a summer seaside resort, where you will smell the exotic scent of coconut, combined with the delicate scent of natural herbs and sea breeze.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a luxurious skin care ritual. JouJou Botanicals cosmetic gift packs are sure to be a hit, because in addition to beauty products, they also contain essential accessories such as a cosmetic brush or a guasha, a face plate.

And if we had to recommend just one product (which is almost impossible after trying it), we would choose the Island girl multi-purpose body oil. You can use it on your face, body and hair. During summer, but also in autumn and winter. Plus, applying it will bring back wild summer memories worth reliving.

This young Croatian beauty brand has the best conditions to become at least a European bestseller. Join us on a spiritual journey of beauty that doesn't begin and end with a quick morning and evening bathroom routine.


Your girls ❤️


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