Little Butterfly organic care for the most demanding customers

Hailing from the British Isles, Little Butterfly is synonymous with the baby care revolution. It stands out with luxurious, organic-certified products designed for the most sensitive skin of our little ones.

So what are Little Butterfly cosmetics like? It's organic, kind, gentle, effective and absolutely safe. It is suitable for the highly sensitive skin of newborns prone to irritation. It is considerate and respectful to human skin as well as to nature and the environment.

Only the best for moms

Little Butterfly does not focus only on babies and newborns. Skin care for expectant and new mothers is equally important. With pregnancy comes not only a growing belly, but also other changes to the body. Therefore, the body of every mom-to-be deserves quality extra care.

The collection highlights natural beauty and help women feel great and confident during this wonderful period. The products are organic, natural, absolutely safe, have a soft texture and smell wonderful. You'll be delighted with their packaging too, the luxurious boxes wrapped in fine paper give the premium products the right stamp of quality. What's more, they are recyclable and only sourced from trusted suppliers with sustainable and responsible production and environmental accreditation. After all, caring for the environment that our children will inherit is also very important.

The purest care full of tenderness and kindness

All products are made with love and care and we believe it shows at first sight. Pure natural cosmetics contain no harmful or irritating ingredients, mineral oils, paraffin, parabens, SLS, silicones and other harmful substances. That's why all Little Butterfly products are certified, dermatologically tested, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and of course not tested on animals. It's also worth mentioning that all products are recommended by health professionals and midwives and are made in the UK.

Try a wide range of creams, gels and oils. You'll find everything you need to care for little ones with us. Whether it's the amazing Love Eternal massage oil, which you'll appreciate after your baby's bath, or the effective yet gentle Soft as Moonlight diaper rash cream.

For expectant and new mothers, we recommend the easily absorbed and nourishing anti-stretch mark body butter Cocoon of Bliss or the cooling gel for tired feet Fresh Meadows, which will surely be used even outside of pregnancy.

If you're looking for a suitable gift, we recommend the Little Butterfly gift sets, where mums can find everything they need to care for highly sensitive skin.

Pamper yourself and your baby and treat yourself to the best you can find on the market. Cosmetics that hug, comfort and help.

Your girls ❤️



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